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I’m very pleased with Juliane’s German lessons, with whom I’ve been studying for the past four months.  The way she teaches makes easy one of the most difficult languages to be learned.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) / One-on-one classes

I’m very happy with my lessons with Juliane. The content is very interesting and enables you to quickly improve. Before each lesson, Juliane sends you the files on which you are going to work the next lesson. Among these files, you have grammar, exercices, audio files, extracts from texts with the new vocabulary and even some songs in German with lyrics, which is definitely a good and fun way to learn a language with a better pronunciation. With her, learning German doesn’t appear like a task but rather like a hobby. It has given me the desire to go further. German doesn’t appear difficult to learn, as it used to be the case when I was at school. It’s really a pleasure and I happily look forward to each lesson. Finally, I would add that she is very nice and makes you feel at ease even if you are fully aware that you make several mistakes ! She’s definitely the best German teacher I have encountered.

Paris (France) / One-on-one classes

I have been learning German with Juliane both in Ottawa and in Berlin, and have found her creative methods very helpful. Because she has learned several languages herself, she understands the best teaching approach and has the ability to make lessons stimulating. I would highly recommend her as a tutor.

Ottawa (Canada) / One-on-one classes

Juliane is an excellent German teacher. Her lessons are challenging, engaging, fun, tailored to your level and interests, and above all, extremely useful.She is highly professional and each of my lessons has been well prepared, with clear explanations, and useful exercises. Depending on your level, she conducts some or all of the lesson in German, but will always patiently repeat or rephrase if needed, which is great for boosting your confidence when speaking and listening in German. Highly recommended!

Telford (UK) / One-on-one classes

Juliane is an amazing teacher 🙂 Her lessons are fun, interesting and very informative. Each of my lessons has been seriously prepared. Lessons were created for my needs and interests. Explanations were clear to me. I like her pdf files with explanations and examples. And her files with music and words of songs 🙂  I had two lessons every week since February. In April I was in Frankfurt-on-Mine and people said that my German was very good 🙂  unfortunately now I have to make a break from the lessons because of my work. But I hope soon I will start to study with Juliane again 🙂  Highly recommended!  🙂 

Moscow (Russia) / One-on-one classes

The German classes on Skype with Juliane is the best option for me. It’s always possible to find a good date and time that works with my schedule, and even when I have to travel for work I don’t have to miss class as I can simply bring my laptop with me! What I enjoy the most is that each class is tailored to my personal needs and the PDFs with information or exercises are quite helpful and well-designed. And finally, Juliane is very nice and extremely competent which makes learning all the better. I would highly recommend!

Ottawa (Canada) / One-on-one classes

The German tailored one-to-one“ classes with Juliane were the best option for me. I came to Germany without any knowledge of German, but in 4 months, she managed to teach me a lot. The lessons are very interesting, challenging, fun and useful. Step by step, class by class, I learned a lot of grammar, a lot of words, a lot of cultural facts. She is a well-prepared teacher and  has a lot of patience. The idea of online classes suits me very well, as I work outside the city and I could  schedule the classes as I wanted. I highly recommend Juliane as a German tutor if you are looking to learn German, at every level!

Timisoara (Romania) / One-on-one classes

I highly recommend Juliane as your German teacher. I have been studying with Juliane for more than a year and each lesson is very rich in content, varied in terms of topics covered and tailored to my needs. As I progress, I receive newer challenges that help me progress in a friendly atmosphere.

Gatineau (Canada) / One-on-one classes

I thoroughly enjoyed my one-on-one German language lessons with Juliane. She catered our lessons according to my interests and needs, and was always very clear with her explanations. The topics/themes  she prepared were very interesting as well, better than the types you would find in standard language textbooks. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a private German teacher!

Ottawa (Canada) / One-on-one classes

I took lessons with Juliane to keep up with my German after returning from a study abroad program in Austria.  She was an incredibly reliable and professional tutor and was always prepared for lessons.  She kept me motivated and used a lot of games to teach which made learning German a lot of fun!  I would recommend Juliane to anyone who wants to learn German at any level!!

Ottawa (Canada) / One-on-one classes
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