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The lessons with Juliane were a really enjoyable experience. I have learned German with several tutors and her style is so much different from everything I saw before. The most obvious advantages for me were the tailored materials – which are always based on your needs and specific gap areas, flexibility in the content and timing of the classes, always positive attitude and her optimism regarding the learning process (which I really needed in some instances). The concept of on-line lessons was a very good idea for me, as well, because I don’t have a fixed travel schedule and this allowed me to keep up with the classes in any circumstances. Moreover, apart from my subjective opinion, all my colleagues are really surprised by the progresses I have made with my German since I am taking lessons with her. I would highly recommend her as your German tutor!

Calarasi (Moldova) / One-on-one classes

I would hight recommend Juliane as a German tutor. I have been living in Germany for almost 2 years, my job is very international so I have not learnt German as I thought I would just by living and working here. I made the the decision to do the online skype lessons, I found it perfect to fit in with my busy work hours and the tailored course to fit my needs to learn the language. I would not say that i am a natural at leaning a language but Juliane has showed me and given me the confidence to lean it step by step. I have only had 20 lessons but it has given me a great confidence for small talk and day to day tasks. I am really looking forward to my next 20 lessons and I will not stop until I can talk comfortably to native speakers.

Melbourne (Australia) / One-on-one classes

Juliane puts a lot of effort into creating a quality step by step course with many exercises and examples which help to steadily build the confidence of her students.

Canada / Video course

Excellente enseignante, très dynamique, très bien structurée. Beaucoup de matière dans ce cours avec des sujets très pertinents à la vie de tous les jours en intégrant la grammaire, un sujet très important dans l’apprentissage de l’allemand. Sans cela, ce serait difficile d’avancer. La stucture des leçons est très progressive et le «pacing» est aussi très à propos pour donner le temps de penser aux sujets. Enseignante de haut niveau de compétence. Merci!

Gatineau (Canada) / Video course

In May 2012 I have come across Juliane’s advert on a website for English-speaking expats in Germany and looked no further since. Juliane is all I could wish for in a language teacher and her lessons are something to always look forward to. I love the idea of the ‘one-to-one Skype model’ we are using and the way my lessons are tailored to my needs. Depending on my progress, we slowly and continually increase the difficulty or stop and practice some more in areas where it is still needed. Juliane is professional, patient, extremely nice and knows how to teach German! I feel very lucky to have found Juliane and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a private tutor.  🙂 

Děčín (Czech Republic) / One-on-one classes

I have been very satisfied with these German lessons, and would recommend Juliane to anyone looking for lessons tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses.  I have been impressed by the quality and professionalism of teaching materials that she has provided, including grammar summaries, exercises, audio files and interesting web links.  It is clear that Juliane has adapted the lessons to focus on the weaknesses in my German, and the lessons (in Berlin) have always been friendly, fun and challenging.

Newtownards (UK) / One-on-one classes

Juliane’s lessons are truly excellent. After a year in Germany (in an English-speaking job) and two courses of lessons my German had completely stalled, but Juliane was able to explain the linguistic logic behind all the confusing exceptions and rules that kept tripping me up. She adapted every lesson to our interests and to work on our weaknesses, has given us excellent exercises and materials, and a lot of tea! 

Sussex (UK) / One-on-one classes

When I started to study with Juliane a year ago, I was just starting to learn German. Back then I did not have any language skills at all. After a year of studies with her I can both explain myself in different situations using German as well as reading books, watching movies. Classes with Juliane are always very interesting. Her grammar tables help me in my studies very much, and the dialogs she is practicing are very useful for the everyday life. During our classes I don’t have a feeling that Juliane is my tutor, she is more of a friend who helps me in to learn the language. In the future, I want to get a master degree in Germany and Juliane helps my dream come true. I thank her for that and I would highly recommend her as your German tutor!

St. Petersburg (Russia) / One-on-one classes

I took online classes weekly with Juliane for more than 6 months which I unfortunately need to stop due to my busy agenda. Juliane is doing an outstanding job to teach german in a fun way, even remotely. She is always energetic and has systematically bespoke material to guide the study. You can’t help to learn, even if you are not so reliable in doing your homework. I would definitely recommend Juliane to anyone that is serious about developing his/her German. You will find other teachers online, but probably none so dedicated and serious about teaching. I personally hope to come back online when time allows it.

Paris (France) / One-on-one classes

Juliane has an amazing ability to make learning German both fun and effective. I started with very little knowledge – basically just the ability to say my name – and within two months I’m using the dreaded Dative, having discussions at the Cafe and most importantly enjoying my life much more. She tailors our regular classes to increase in difficulty at just the right pace to both keep me motivated and reward me with a sense of accomplishment. I highly recommend Juliane as a German tutor!

Kemiönsaari - Finland / One-on-one classes
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