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I am very impressed with the GermanToGo language learning program. The lessons are easy to understand, complete, and have a pertinent practice opportunity at the end. I found the videos engaging and very helpful. I heartily recommend.

Thank you, Juliane, for creating such an approachable method for learning German!

Sue Ann Reynolds

After having struggled for 5 months trying to learn the German language on my own and feeling pretty much out of my depth, I came  upon the wonderful Juliane and her germantogo German language learning website. 

Starting from scratch and now having completed the A1 part of the course, it has been a revelation and really enjoyable. As we all know we won’t get anywhere without a bit of hard work and if you put the hours in with germantogo then it WILL pay off. The main reason for this is the germantogo creator, Juliane. Her teaching methods encourage her students to be eagerly awaiting the next lesson. She is a fantastic teacher but more so, she is also a very supportive friend and nothing is ever too much trouble. She is passionate about languages and determined to see her students succeed. She has brought me on leaps and bounds in all departments of the language, especially the grammar (which I was struggling with) which is an integral part of the way the language works. I now have a reasonable amount of confidence in written German and can hold conversations with my German partner on messenger. With each day that passes, I can only improve.

So in short “if you want to go and learn German… germantogo” Thank you Juliane.

Glasgow, Scottland

In two months I went from knowing basically nothing about the language to passing my A1 exam with 94%.
I can’t wait to go through the course again at a slower speed to really grasp the finer aspects and then move onto A2.

Cape Town, South Africa

Of course this is the right choice for everyone who wants to learn german well, sharp, easy and fast. This course has a very professional and well-organized material. The explanations are excellent and easy to understand. With Juliane is like having a personal tutor that gives you the hand every time you have questions or don’t understand something or need more exercises on a specific topic. She is always there to help you. This online video-course is much better than the class because you have a 24 hours access to it and you can pause, replay how many times you wish. And believe me it will not be easy to find a more professional and well prepared teacher. I consider myself lucky to have found such a this course. For more the price is affordable for everyone and cheap compared to the quality of material. The foundations you will create with this course will make you confident in german very fast.


In the beginning I would like to Thanks Juliane for her efforts, I highly recommend these courses because in just few days I was able to make simple sentences. I have now finished Level A1 and can already order things in restaurant , Cafe and shopping center also making appointment and other simple sentences. I can now understanding native German when they slowly speaking. The way she explaining and the structure of lessons are very interesting makes me to learn in just short time and make German language easy. When one of students have questions she is answering very quickly and make students understanding better with her simple answers. This language course is a best language course I have ever studied.


Let’s face it, German is a difficult language for many of us. I have found that a good teacher is essential if one is serious about learning the language. Juliane is a VERY good teacher. The design and structure of her online course, GermanToGo, makes it possible to learn correct German and really have an understanding of the grammar and common usage in the modern German language. And she makes it interesting and fun! She is very responsive to student questions and her explanations are always clear and useful. I have been learning German for 15 months. I can honestly say I have learned more in the 3 months I have been using GermanToGo than I did in the previous 12 months using a popular, free online “robo” course. GermanToGo is very reasonably priced and, believe me, worth every penny!

Wayne Kieselbach
Mason, Michigan, USA

I have tried many different ways to learn German (online classes, Goethe Insitut) and nothing has worked so well as German to Go. Juliane is an amazing teacher and she has structured the courses so well. She makes it exciting to learn the language every day with short videos that give you a sense of accomplishment. She is also super responsive to any questions and so supportive. German to Go is incredible value for what you get out of it (tons of practice text, homework, etc.). Highly recommend to all aspiring German speakers!

New York

I had tried several different courses before discovering Juliane at GermantoGo. The difference is amazing. The course with Juliane is like having a personal tutor. Any questions I have are answered and my homework corrected within hours. Juliane has made the course very interactive. With live interviews, popular songs and real life situations it is without doubt, apart from actually living in a German speaking Country, the best way to learn German. Anyone who is uncertain if this course is worthwhile is welcome to contact me via Juliane.


This course is a blast for German beginners! I have just finished the A1 level course, and I have say the course content is very well organized. The course is designed into daily section, which doesn’t cost too much time every day. If you keep learning according to the daily schedule, you will improve fast. Juliane also sets up many exercises across the entire A1 course, and I feel it very nice for the exercise (of old knowledge) to be mixed with some new content she is teaching. This way, I can frequently review old knowledge and don’t forget them. Finally, Juliane is very kind and responsive to any question you have in the course, which is also extremely helpful!


Juliane is an excellent teacher who cares deeply about the welfare of her students. She is always willing to go the extra yard to help and encourage. The materials she uses are up-to-date and cutting-edge as are her teaching methodologies. She is a great motivator and always sensitive to the needs of her students. I am sure the wonderful new website she has created will attain the coverage and success it deserves.

Biswadip Dasgupta
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