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Let’s face it, German is a difficult language for many of us. I have found that a good teacher is essential if one is serious about learning the language. Juliane is a VERY good teacher. The design and structure of her online course, GermanToGo, makes it possible to learn correct German and really have an understanding of the grammar and common usage in the modern German language. And she makes it interesting and fun! She is very responsive to student questions and her explanations are always clear and useful. I have been learning German for 15 months. I can honestly say I have learned more in the 3 months I have been using GermanToGo than I did in the previous 12 months using a popular, free online “robo” course. GermanToGo is very reasonably priced and, believe me, worth every penny!

Wayne Kieselbach
Mason, Michigan, USA

I have tried many different ways to learn German (online classes, Goethe Insitut) and nothing has worked so well as German to Go. Juliane is an amazing teacher and she has structured the courses so well. She makes it exciting to learn the language every day with short videos that give you a sense of accomplishment. She is also super responsive to any questions and so supportive. German to Go is incredible value for what you get out of it (tons of practice text, homework, etc.). Highly recommend to all aspiring German speakers!

New York

I had tried several different courses before discovering Juliane at GermantoGo. The difference is amazing. The course with Juliane is like having a personal tutor. Any questions I have are answered and my homework corrected within hours. Juliane has made the course very interactive. With live interviews, popular songs and real life situations it is without doubt, apart from actually living in a German speaking Country, the best way to learn German. Anyone who is uncertain if this course is worthwhile is welcome to contact me via Juliane.


This course is a blast for German beginners! I have just finished the A1 level course, and I have say the course content is very well organized. The course is designed into daily section, which doesn’t cost too much time every day. If you keep learning according to the daily schedule, you will improve fast. Juliane also sets up many exercises across the entire A1 course, and I feel it very nice for the exercise (of old knowledge) to be mixed with some new content she is teaching. This way, I can frequently review old knowledge and don’t forget them. Finally, Juliane is very kind and responsive to any question you have in the course, which is also extremely helpful!


Juliane is an excellent teacher who cares deeply about the welfare of her students. She is always willing to go the extra yard to help and encourage. The materials she uses are up-to-date and cutting-edge as are her teaching methodologies. She is a great motivator and always sensitive to the needs of her students. I am sure the wonderful new website she has created will attain the coverage and success it deserves.

Biswadip Dasgupta

If you are looking for a way to learn German, I definitely recommend to subscribe to “German To Go”. Juliane has developed her own teaching method which allows to learn at your own pace with rapid and high returns. After three months of using the learning platform, I confirm the cost efficiency balance of the method. Last but not least, you do not need any entry level prior starting the first module.


Thanks Juliane for a great course at a very fair price!
I have been learning German slowly for several years now and I’ve seen many courses. I have the highest regard for your course and approach and I now progress faster. It’s the best because I can do a lesson whenever convenient and your pauses, waiting for the student response, is unique and smart. The length of individual videos is just right. So I just renewed, naturally! 😉

Other sites do the little interview thing, free on Youtube, so you don’t need to put any energy there. (perhaps links to such)

I’m pleased to see that you are true to your word and continue to build the A2 course. That’s more important. I intend to follow your lessons until the last one, even if it’s C1 😊

Thanks. You’re a great teacher!!
Alles Gute!

Köln, Deutschland

Juliane is a really great tutor and I really recommend her and her courses. It was a great opportunity to join her video course and I found it so clear, well-structured and really suitable for self-study. The course till now covers A1+A2 and more is coming. I feel myself lucky for knowing Juliane. Thank you for your great efforts.

Muhammad S.

Juliane is a great teacher with a clear and engaging method. I already spoke some German, but this course is really helping to strengthen my understanding of the grammar. I feel a lot more confident constructing sentences now. Would definitely recommend to others!

Video course

This is my second attempt at learning German. I had a teacher who moved too fast and did not concentrate on basics. This course is concentrating in the early stages on fundamentals upon which it will ultimately build.

Video course
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