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Tag 14 – Test

On the last day of your step, take some time to review the new concepts you have learned. A couple of exercises will help you to figure out where you might need some more practise.


  • Please pay attention to the correct punctuation in the written exercises. If the punctuation is wrong, the whole answer will be shown as wrong. Also, make sure that you are not unintentionally entering two spaces between words instead of just one.


Übung 1

Diktat. Dictation.


[gtg_dictation id="27151"]





Übung 2

Übersetzung. Translation.



[gtg_dictation id="27135"]




Übung 3

Welcher Artikel passt hier, der bestimmte oder der unbestimmte Artikel? Oder beide? Ist das Nomen maskulin, feminin oder neutrum?

Which article fits here, the definite or the indefinite article? Or both? Is the noun masculine, feminine or neuter?



[gtg_multiple_choice id="27191"]





Übung 4

Welche Adjektivform ist richtig? 

Which adjective form is correct?



[gtg_fib id="32052"]





Übung 5

Diktat. Dictation.



[gtg_dictation id="27162"]



And do you remember what all these sentences mean? Could you translate them into your language?




Übung 6

Welche Fragen kannst du hier stellen? 

Which questions can you ask here?



[gtg_dictation id="27144"]




Übung 7

Bitte schreibe diese Zahlen auf. Benutze nur kleine Buchstaben.

Please write down these numbers. Only use small letters.



[gtg_dictation id="27146"]





Übung 8

Wie kann man antworten?

How can you answer?


[gtg_dictation id="27149"]




Übung 9

Diktat. Dictation.


[gtg_dictation id="27170"]



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