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Grammatik-Terminologie – Grammar terminology

For those of you who are not so sure about the meaning of basic grammar terms, this pdf might come in handy. Please, don't learn these pages by heart, just skim them now and then use them as a reference when necessary.




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  • Muhammad qayyum Mohd shukor2020-10-20 at 07:33

    Why “den” mann ? Is it typo

    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2020-10-20 at 20:56

      Hallo Muhammad,


      “Ich sehe den Mann.”

      No, this is not a typo. It’s an article in the so-called “accusative case”. The direct object of a sentence will always be in the accusative case. Articles and adjectives have different endings in different cases. But don’t worry, I will explain this little by little throughout this course and it will all make sense. Don’t spend a lot of time on this overview. Just read through it and use it as a reference later, if needed. 🙂


      Viele Grüße,


  • Muhammad Amirul Haiqal Irwan2020-10-08 at 06:17

    Hi mdm juliane ,I’m so sorry but really Don’t understand of this task . Can you explain to me what I’m supposed to do to understand this lesson ?

    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2020-10-08 at 13:23

      Hallo Muhammad,


      it’s actually not a task. It’s just a grammar overview that you can already take a look at to get familiar with some grammar terms – to know what is a verb, what is a noun, for example. You don’t need to learn it, just read through it and keep it as a reference should you need additional explanations on specific grammar terms in the future.


      Viele Grüße und bis bald,


  • salazar.venezuela2018-06-07 at 11:13

    I didn’t understand anything when refers about the german cases… it gave me headache!!! ha ha ha… I guess, I’d get it later in this course, but these pdfs are useful for sure!!!

    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2018-06-08 at 22:54

      Hi Salazar,

      yes, I will explain everything in more detail and step by step in the course.

      This is just an overview, there is no need to learn all of this now. 🙂

      Bis bald,


  • dwallach2018-02-20 at 21:40

    Hallo!  Please explain something to me.  When it says that the adjectives has “to be declined”, does that mean it needs to agree in number and gender with the noun?

    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2018-02-20 at 21:51

      Hallo Diana!


      Yes, that’s correct. And in addition to that, they also need to agree to the case. In German, we have 4 cases (Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ, Genitiv) which I will introduce little by little throughout the course. Very basically, “the white table” would be different in German depending on whether it is the subject or the object of the sentence.


      The first bit you learn about adjective declension will come in step 2, on day 8.


      Viele Grüße und bis bald,


  • Chioma2017-09-15 at 00:59

    I really didn’t know what to do with this page? Do i just skim it? Do we get referred to it sometimes?

    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2017-09-15 at 10:35

      Hi Chioma,
      yes, you can just skim it to become a bit more familiar with the most important grammar terms, if you don’t know them already, like what is a noun, what is an article etc. Like I wrote above, you don’t need to learn them by heart and I also won’t refer you back to the sheet during the course. But it could be useful to you if you want to check back on some basic grammar terms later. 🙂
      Viele Grüße,