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  • Richard2017-12-06 at 04:10

    I like your idea about positioning words from left to right, by gender on a sheet, along with specific color coding for each category.  For what it is worth, there happens to be a drummer act called the “Blue Man Group” that can be watched in action on YouTube.  Indeed, they are painted entirely blue which works well with your tip for imagining masculine words in a memorable context.  Blue men drumming on <<der Computer>> or any other masculine word sure works for me, at any rate, Juliane!  Thanks for the great vocabulary study suggestions.

    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2017-12-06 at 08:34

      Hi Richard,

      yes, I know the “Blue Man Group”! There is a show in Berlin as well. It’s a great idea to imagine them drumming on masculine words.

      Why not also create a “Red Women Group” and a “Green Babies Group”? 😉

      Bis bald,