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Musik – Music (Die fantastischen Vier – MfG)

"MfG" is short for "Mit freundlichen Grüßen" ("With friendly greetings"), which is a very common formula used at the end of an email or letter. The abbreviation can be used in informal communication. Apart from "MfG", this song contains many other abbreviations and is great to review the German alphabet. Download the pdf and read along. They sing, really, really fast, and even for Germans, it is hard to sing along, but why don't you just give it a try!? :)



  • Tina2019-03-29 at 20:52

    Oi Juliane

    adorei a música, mas ainda vou ter dificuldade de absorver e entender as palavras em alemão 🙁

    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2019-03-30 at 20:27

      Oi Tina,

      que legal que voce esteja aqui! Nessa musica na verdade so tem abreviacoes. Eu coloquei aqui para voces tentarem identificar algumas das letras do alfabeto alemao.

      Faca o curso sem pressa, e sempre que tiver alguma pergunta, se tiver alguma explicacao que nao entende em ingles, escreva nos comentarios e eu explico em portugues.

      Beijos, bis bald,


  • Neda2018-11-01 at 23:52

    Hi Juliane,

    I am going trough my previously done lessons and still find it difficult to translate this part of ‘Die fantastische Vier ‘ song:

    MfG – mit freundlichen Grüßen die Welt liegt uns zu Füßen, denn wir stehen drauf  wir gehen drauf für ein Leben voller Schall und Rauch bevor wir fallen, fallen wir lieber auf.

    How would you translate this in English?



    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2018-11-02 at 11:54

      Hallo Neda,


      this part is very advanced for beginners, it’s not a problem if you cannot translate this. In this lesson, it’s fine if you just focus on the alphabet. 🙂 But here is the English translation:

      “MfG – Yours sincerely

      The world is at our feet, since we’re standing on it
      We walk upon it for a life full of smoke and mirrors

      Before we fall, we’d rather stand out


      You can see the complete translation here:


      Bis bald,


      • Neda2018-11-02 at 17:03

        Many thanks Juliane.

        Bis bald,


  • Wayne2017-11-30 at 03:51

    I agree with Neda, very cool song. Didn’t know Deutsch could be so lyrical 😉

  • Neda2017-10-30 at 14:02

    Dear Nikole,

    In order to mark this lesson as a complete do I need to learn it to sing?

    • Juliane Klingenberg Nery2017-10-30 at 14:05

      Hi Neda,

      no, it’s fine if you just listen to it and try to read along. 🙂

      Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


  • Neda2017-10-30 at 13:56

    so cool!