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A new, affordable way of keeping in touch with German during self-isolation or school closure.



Students will love it!

  • Keep your students motivated to learn German during lockdown.
  • Give them the opportunity to revise and consolidate what they have learned and even see their German skills leap ahead.
  • The wide variety of resources, many authentic audio recordings and texts, songs and speaking opportunities will allow them to discover the language and the culture in an exciting, new way.


Teachers will love it!

  • Lighten your workload by providing students with videos, audio files and PDF materials which are ready to be used.
  • Teachers will have the facility to individualise learning by assigning videos and lessons to their students and then follow their learning progress.


Preview the course:



Includes 283 videos.



Click here to see what a lesson week in level A1 looks like. The preview will open in a new tab.

– starting a conversation

– asking questions

– introducing oneself

– telling the time

– filling in forms

– leisure activities

– breakfast and other meals

– time indications

– the negation

– the body

– colours

– shopping

– people and places

– at the café

– family

– daily routine

– home

– meetings and appointments

– weather

– booking tickets

– reading small ads

– talking about the past

– at school

– professions

– grocery shopping

– seasons

– travelling

– saying dates

– at the hotel

– giving directions

– at the restaurant

– at the library

– and more…


Includes 237 videos.



Click here to see what a lesson week in level A2 looks like. The preview will open in a new tab.

– reviews of level A1

– host families

– taking the plane

– picture stories

– time

– food

– at the post office

– “Isabelle’s Diary”

– having ice cream

– taking decisions

– sightseeing

– taking the bus

– at the movies

– making comparisons

– German geography

– small words…

– at the doctor’s

– What if?

– hitch-hiking

– living with your parents

– descriptions

– talking about the past

– getting around in Berlin

– talk about where you live

– giving directions

– prize draws

– dreams

– talking on the phone

– birthday parties

– describing pictures

– making definitions

– tongue twisters

– and more…


 Includes 321 videos.



Click here to see what a lesson week in level B1 looks like. The preview will open in a new tab.

– reviews of level A2

– at work

– unemployment in Germany

– proverbs

– performances

– primary and secondary schools

– birthdays in Germany

– German scripts

– living in Germany

– flatshares

– ads for flats

– German detective stories

– art

– at the dentist’s

– dogs in Germany

– newspapers

– eBay

– crowdfunding

– inventions

– happiness

– board games

– weddings

– sports

– associations

– sleeping habits

– rules and regulations

– at the hotel

– on vacation

– computers and technology

– mobility

– communication

– German history

– and more…

Additional materials and functions

Your students will have access to ALL materials on the website.


Apart from the lesson videos, exercises and worksheets, they will be able to read all questions and comments made by “premium” students as well as my answers.


They will also get access to:

  • a large library of authentic audio files spoken by Germans
  • a section which compares different dialects in Germany and Austria
  • conversation prompts
  • lots of reading material: short stories, short texts, jokes and poems, signs and notes found in Germany
  • writing prompts
  • concise, downloadable grammar overview cards


They will also be able to bookmark lessons and new vocabulary.




Ich heiße Juliane. I am a polyglot and travel enthusiast from Berlin. I’ve always loved to learn new languages and while I was doing my degree in Modern Foreign Languages and living abroad (France, UK, Brazil, Canada), I also discovered my passion for teaching German as a foreign language.


As a mother of two little kids, I am especially delighted to be able to offer a solution for schools and schoolchildren during these unprecedented times.




What teachers say


“German to Go has been instrumental in building our German curriculum at Benjamin Franklin High School. Juliane’s ‘hands on’ approach to learning German has made it an enjoyable experience for all of our students. They look forward to class everyday as they know there will be a variety of activities – including conversation, music, and interviews. In all regards, Juliane was part of our class. We made the decision to forego a textbook altogether as German to Go provided a complete German learning experience.  Her comments section at the bottom of every lesson demonstrates her willingness to clarify and expound on any questions. This is a feature you do not receive from other language programs. I would endorse this program whole heartedly”

Tony Economou

Das Material von Juliane ist nicht nur im Schüler-, sondern auch im Lehrerbereich sehr gut aufbereitet. Besonders gut gefallen mir die vielen praktischen Übungen, die ich mit meinen Schülern während des Unterrichts machen kann, ohne erst stundenlang nach Material suchen oder selbst etwas schreiben zu müssen. Auch die Lesetexte sind sehr gelungen.

Dank der neuen Suchfunktion finde ich auch schnell Material zu bestimmten Themen – das spart viel Zeit.

Man merkt, dass Juliane ihr Programm bis ins kleinste Detail durchdacht hat. Dass es zudem sehr praxisorientiert ist und die Schüler genau das lernen, was sie für das tägliche Leben brauchen, ist noch das Tüpfelchen auf dem I.

Ich empfehle es gerne weiter und würde mir wünschen, auch weitere Sprachkombinationen zu erhalten, also mit Erklärungen in Französisch, Spanisch oder Italienisch. Und auf Dauer wäre das Niveau B1 und vielleicht später noch das Niveau B2 toll.

Auf alle Fälle kann ich das Programm allen empfehlen, die Deutsch lernen oder lehren – auch das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis ist absolut in Ordnung. Juliane hat einen tollen Deutschkurs erstellt.

Christine Konstantinidis


What students say






Home-learning special

These are the rates for 6 months:




That’s 10 % off the regular price!*


Other currencies:

  • approx. £40.50 / student
  • approx. $55 / student


That’s 15 % off the regular price!*


Other currencies:

  • approx. £38 / student
  • approx. $51 / student


That’s 20 % off the regular price!*


Other currencies:

  • approx. £36 / student
  • approx. $49 / student


Depending on the conversion rate, the rate may differ a little if you don’t pay in Euros.


All rates include as many teacher accounts as you need for the classes with these students.


* The regular price of the “lite” membership, which your students would get, is 99 € / year.

This subscription will give them access to the complete course and all additional materials.




  • All accounts created may only be used by the teachers named initially.
  • Teachers must agree to not use the materials for any purposes other than teaching the students in their class. If they want to use them for 1-1 teaching (with private students), they will have to acquire a separate "teacher membership".
  • Teachers or students may not modify in any way, sell or distribute the materials. They cannot be shared or offered for download on any website. The logo, the website as well as the copyright note cannot be removed from the worksheets or videos.
  • Teachers are allowed to use the materials with their students as long as they have a valid membership for German to Go. This permission terminates with the termination of the membership. The membership will not be renewed automatically.
  • Student accounts created by teachers will only be active while the teachers' accounts are active.
  • Teachers or students are not allowed to share their login data with third parties.

Worksheets and audio files only version

With this other version, you can use my worksheets in class. Students won’t get access to the lesson videos, but they will be able to listen to the audio files and work with the vocabulary lists. Videos can be shown in class. 


– Teacher subscription:

First year: from 240 € / year, subsequent years: from 120 € / year


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