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Learn even faster and more thouroughly though more interaction.


  • Don't take any doubts on to the next lesson!
  • Use the comments section below the videos to ask all your questions.
  • Also get the chance to check if your alternative answers are correct or not.
  • Write your ideas down in your own words.
  • Become aware of your mistakes.
  • Get explanations on corrections and be referred to related useful videos.
  • Choose your group: Beginners, shy speakers or confident speakers.
  • Make a closer connection with your teacher and the other students.
  • Create your own sentences, spontaneously and in actual conversations that prepare you for "real life".
  • Have specific dates and times for discipline and accountability.
  • Versatile formats: Jokes and language games, teacher presentations, conversations about specific topics, spontaneous speaking practise with keywords, talking about your photos, talking about your day, grammar practise, discussions, commenting newspaper articles, and more.


German to Go follows the European Framework for Languages: A1, A2, B1, and B2 (coming soon) – in fact, each level on actually covers more than what the European Framework for Languages specifies! We’ve had many students use German to Go for exam preparation, with great success. 



See what our students have to say


I have tried many different ways to learn German (online classes, Goethe Insitut) and nothing has worked so well as German to Go. Juliane is an amazing teacher and she has structured the courses so well. She makes it exciting to learn the language every day with short videos that give you a sense of accomplishment. She is also super responsive to any questions and so supportive. German to Go is incredible value for what you get out of it (tons of practice text, homework, etc.). Highly recommend to all aspiring German speakers!

New York

In two months I went from knowing basically nothing about the language to passing my A1 exam with 94%.
I can’t wait to go through the course again at a slower speed to really grasp the finer aspects and then move onto A2.

Cape Town, South Africa

After having struggled for 5 months trying to learn the German language on my own and feeling pretty much out of my depth, I came  upon the wonderful Juliane and her germantogo German language learning website. 

Starting from scratch and now having completed the A1 part of the course, it has been a revelation and really enjoyable. As we all know we won’t get anywhere without a bit of hard work and if you put the hours in with germantogo then it WILL pay off. The main reason for this is the germantogo creator, Juliane. Her teaching methods encourage her students to be eagerly awaiting the next lesson. She is a fantastic teacher but more so, she is also a very supportive friend and nothing is ever too much trouble. She is passionate about languages and determined to see her students succeed. She has brought me on leaps and bounds in all departments of the language, especially the grammar (which I was struggling with) which is an integral part of the way the language works. I now have a reasonable amount of confidence in written German and can hold conversations with my German partner on messenger. With each day that passes, I can only improve.

So in short “if you want to go and learn German… germantogo” Thank you Juliane.

Glasgow, Scottland

How can I describe it – Incomparably awesome, Breathtaking, Par Excellence!! But these words hardly capture the experience one can have by going through this course. 🙂
I m only allowed to give 5 stars, actually it’s something way beyond a 5 star rating. Starting from nothing 9 months back, today I feel extremely comfortable with German and have also managed to pass B1 Goethe Exam with >75%. [Remark: After going through the A1 and A2 courses and watching just a couple of B1 videos.]
The material is outstanding. I can tell you honestly that, I have tried various other online programs including some very famous ones that are now “buzzwords”, but nothing works better than Germantogo. The way each concept is explained is mesmerizing and grips the interest of the learner. Undoubtedly, the best learning material available in the market today.
Juliane – An amazing, vastly learned, kind-hearted, caring, hard-working Teacher. Infact, the kind of explanations she gives in each video is breathtaking and incomparable. She has the subtle ability to make any hard concept look trivial and does that with remarkable ease.
A point that needs mention is the prompt doubt solving that we get from her. I have asked as much as 400-500 Questions throughout my learning in this course and I cant recall even 1 occasion when the reply was delayed.
Another salient point – She encourages the learner irrespective of what level he/she has reached.
The pricing of this course is also quite reasonable and infact much lesser as compared to other ones. She gives the classroom experience even though we dont learn it in a classroom. She makes us speak out the german translation of the english sentences. By this practice, I unconsciously improved my german speaking skills, so much that even the examiners were impressed.
All in all, I m definitely overwhelmed by the journey as a learner I had with Juliane and I want to continue this even upto C1.
To the prospective student: Dont wait!! Your search for the best German learning is here and awaits you!! Go for it!!.

Viele Grüße

Premanand Ramesh

I am glad that I found German to Go because Juliane is an amazing teacher. The course has a path that you can follow to learn everything properly. It is not like many other online courses that you only have bites of content. Juliane explains everything, answers questions and is really helpful. There is also more content, not only the video course, so you can learn the language and also know more about the culture.
This is so far the best German online course that I know.

Fernanda Freitas Campos

German-to-Go has become the most important element in my journey of self taught German. I have studied several other languages and Juliane really is the best language teacher I have ever had. I wasn’t so sure about taking a video course over private tutoring online, but her teaching technique, materials, website and personal feedback are outstanding. The lessons are strategically sequenced step-by-step with key vocabulary and grammar constantly reviewed, helping the student build on prior skills and internalize the syntax. Her technique makes it possible for me to retain the material and helps me gain confidence. I know that I can ask Juliane questions at any time, and she is amazing at clearly explaining the concept with examples and corrections. Her feedback is very timely and clear. No other course have I found that has this personal connection. I sincerely cannot recommend this course enough. It is by far the best one out there.

Diana M Wallach

Juliane is an amazing teacher and her interactive online course is wonderful. She diligently prepares lessons and activities as well as helpful exercises & videos. It is by far the best online course I have ever taken and would highly recommend it to any beginner or student who wants a refresher. She is a thorough, helpful and organized instructor and makes the lessons fun yet challenging. I’m looking forward to continuing my studies.


If you are a complete beginner or want to improve your knowledge its a must have course. The course is perfectly structured and following all the steps you will learn proper grammar and all the required words and expressions that reflect the respective levels. Juliane has put a lot of efforts in creating the course and you will be impressed with what the membership has to offer.