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Short texts

Listening comprehension & pronunciation

The “short texts” will mainly help you train your listening comprehension and increase your vocabulary, but you can also work with them to improve your pronunciation or use them to make short dictations. The audio and video as well as vocabulary lists can be seen by everyone, downloads of mp3 files and pdf handouts are only available of members.

Short stories

Learn by listening

Improve your German by listening to these short stories. Just listen, don’t worry too much about grammar structures and vocabulary.


Read jokes in German

Who doesn’t like to read and listen to jokes? Divided into the levels “Beginner”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced”, it won’t even be too hard to understand them in German! You will expand your vocabulary and improve your grammar skills just like that, with a smile on your face.


Read poems in German

Read poems, and read them in German! In this category, you can find some of my favourite German poems. Vocabulary lists, information on the authors and handouts with exercises will be added soon.