Short stories


I decided to start writing some short stories for you to listen to. I got inspired by my little daughter who is always asking me to read the same stories to her over and over again. Toddlers are also acquiring a language. It is their mother tongue, but they learn it by listening to it all the time, without studying any grammar and without looking up vocabulary. In this section, I would like you to listen to each short story several times and not to worry too much about grammar structures and vocabulary. By listening to it over and over again, you will start to get a better feeling for how the  German language works.



Welche Kurzgeschichte möchtest du hören?






  • Im Streichelzoo
  • Dicke Regentropfen
  • Der Einkauf
  • Bei Oma und Opa im Garten


  • Die andere Welt