As a member of German to Go, you will not only have access to a world-class comprehensive video course (levels A1-B1), but also an impressive amount of additional materials to practise all four key skills.






  • Open conversation among students: Every Saturday, the Zoom room will be open all day for you to connect with other students and practise your German. For free.


  • Scheduled group conversation sessions with teachers: Several times per month, on course topics as well as other points. At an additional cost.





  • Listen to authentic texts recorded spontaneously by “real” people, with transcripts.


  • Compare how the wording and pronunciation of sentences change in different German dialects.


  • Watch interviews with Germans about their hobbies and occupations, with subtitles.





  • One new short story every Monday. Written by “regular” Germans about events they witnessed. With audio, comprehension questions and pronunciation training.


  • Read lots of short texts on specific topics. With audio, vocabulary, pronunciation training and other exercises.


  • Expand your vocabulary by browsing an extensive gallery of photos showing signs, documents and notes found all over the place in Germany.


  • Have some fun with German jokes, including audio and vocabulary.


  • See a selection of my favorite German poems, including audio and vocabulary.





  • Find a list with topics you can use as inspiration for writing. I keep adding new topics.